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Photography services

Of course, you want your new website to look professional, but poor quality images will let down even the best designed website. Not everyone is a good photographer or can afford professional photography and so many web design companies will use stock shots for the images on their websites. Used in moderation this can be an affordable way to get professional quality images on your site. The problem is that there are only so many of these images to go around and they tend to show up again and again so your website will quickly look like all the others.

If you want us to source stock shots for you we can do so, but we think that nothing beats professional photography that shows your customers your actual business, service or products.

We would not recommend using stock shots if you have a business where people would expect the photos on your website to be of your actual products or work completed.

Simon Photographic Services

Simon offer high quality photographic services at very reasonable prices, so you can afford to show off the quality of your products, service, or  venue. You can customise any of our web packages, so even if you choose our most basic one, you can add professional photography for a fixed price.

If you are on a really tight budget then we offer a photography ‘spruce-up’ service where we re-process your existing photos to make them look as good as they are ever going to.